Our Story

Hi! I'm Ellen, high school art teacher turned stay at home mom and the owner of Blue Mark Handmade! I started this little shop in October of 2016 for a couple different reasons.

After having my daughter, Corinne, in July 2015, I LOVED the idea of being able to spend my time with her instead of heading back to work. Being her mom is my full time job, but as most moms know, especially other stay at home moms, it's easy to lose yourself when you give it all to your kids. I needed an outlet for my creativity that was no longer being tapped in the art classroom.

I also found myself drowning in baby clothes that were cutesy, full of characters, and way too uncomfortable for a now crazy, active toddler. I found myself putting my daughter in the same several (stained and falling apart) outfits because I just couldn't find things that I liked for her.

I started sewing for Corinne right after she was born when I used my wedding dress to create her baptismal gown. I didn't make too many things for her at the beginning, because let's face it, ain't nobody (new mom) got time for that. But as nap times lengthened, I started experimenting more and more. With encouragement from my husband, Lucas, I finally decided to start my business creating cute and comfy baby and toddler clothes, perfect for everyday outfits and stylish enough for that special occasion.


My first sewing machine was given to me by my grandma. She got it for me from a resale store that she helped run at her retirement community. This machine was older than me, straight out of the 80s, but surprisingly in fantastic condition and has been my work horse ever since.

The name of my shop comes straight from the sewing machine. It is the most perfect powder blue color and the model name is the Mark II. After toying with lots of trendy name ideas, Blue Mark seemed to be the perfect combination of sentiment and professionalism.

I am forever grateful that my grandma gave me my machine and the opportunity to follow my dream and start this little company!